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My top 5 must-haves (for the moment):

in my fridge:

1. chocolate milk
2. apples
3. salad
4. fat free french dressing
5. yogurt

in my closet:

1. capris
2. flip flops
3. GAP hoodie because I am always cold
4. Old Navy tanks..they are nice and long
5. yellow patent purse ... my latest obsession

in my purse:

1. cash
2. lip gloss
3. hair bands
4. cell phone
5. club cards

in my car:

1. reusable grocery bags
2. lounge chairs for baseball games
3. books
4. cd's
5. booster seat

on my DVR
don't have one


I tag, Karen, Jennifer, Dianne, Libby, Jen and Leslie!


Susan said…
omg I forgot about cash in my purse LOL!!! of course thats because I hardly ever have any. I should have said debit card
I loved your answers...thanks for playing Mo!
Leslie Herbert said…
okay, I am going to answer these questions tomorrow! thanks for tagging me Mo!

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