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The Poconos

If it seems like I haven't been home all summer, that's because I haven't. After spending a month in Florida, we spent a long weekend in the Poconos.

Two other families and us spent 4 days in Woodloch Pines in the Poconos. It's a fun family resort, ya know the kind with planned activities, shows, meals, etc.

It rained 3 out of the 4 days but we didn't let that stop us from having a blast. In fact, if it hadn't been for the rain, I would have never gotten the gang to play bingo and Stew wouldn't have won the jackpot. Ka-Ching! :D

We crammed all the lake/outdoor activities in the only day it didn't rain. It also happened to be the day of the cookout and carnival. All was good.

Enjoy some pix from our weekend.


Working out at the beach???

Work Out and Laguna Beach I mean. :D

Over the summer, I fell in love with the show Work Out on Bravo. It's about this trainer/gym owner extraordinaire Jackie Warner. She runs this primo gym in Beverly Hills and it follows her career as well as her personal life.

I got sucked in so quickly as I long to live in LA and experience California living for a few years. I loved catching glimpses of the streets of LA and such.

Anyhoo, last night was the season finale and man was it a good one. Jackie has been sparring with her partner Mimi the last few epi's and it finally came to a crashing halt last night with Mimi throwing a glass at Jackie's head. Whoa!!! :O

Needless to say, Mimi is a donefor and Jackie is moving onwards and upwards. I just hope there wil be a season 2. Anyone know? Riveting tv I tell ya. LOL!!!!!

Now for the Beach. Laguna Beach that is. I missed the season premiere because I was on vacation and have no earthly idea what day it is when I'm on vacatio…


This has to be the worst part about coming home from vacation. And remember we were gone an entire month! :O

Seriously, if I didn't have a nagging husband, I'd never unpack. I'd just live outta the suitcases until there was nothing in them. LOL! You think I'm joking? I kid you not. ;)

So that's on my agenda for today...unpacking. I'm hoping to get rid of at least one suitcase. Anything more would be gravy. :)

A trip to BJ's is in order too. We are down to our last roll of tp. I'm gonna start twitching soon. :D

And the winners of my little quote contest are Shirley and Reenie Roo! Yeah!!!! Pmail me your addy's and I'll get some little goodies out to ya! :)

Ok. I bid you all adieu for today. And, I leave you with a few more shots from our trip.


Miami, Miami

Miami is nice
So I'll say it twice

That's where I've been for the past month. Soaking up the fabulous sunshine, swimming in the refreshing water, gazing at the beautiful palm trees and simply have a marvelous time. I love it!!!!!!

Now it's back to, errands, chores, bills, unpacking and getting ready for school.

So, I better start my day but not before I leave you with some of my favorite photos.....

P.S. A RAK to anyone who can tell me where that little poem I quoted above comes from. :D