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Weekend Wrap Up - Basketball and Bed

So this weekend was a little bit of this and a lot of nothing. LOL On Friday night, we had plans for dinner and D League basketball with our friend Frank. Since he moved to south Jersey, we don't see him as much as we used to. Dylan and I were supposed to meet them for diner at 5:30 and then head over to the game which started at 7. Well, I get to the restaurant exit on the highway, 30 minutes away, when I realize that I forgot the tickets to the game on the kitchen counter! ARGH!!! So, we had to go all the way back home and just ended up meeting the guys at the game.

But, I got to wear my new dress/top from Riff Raff. I love that it is a little funky and a little boho yet feminine and pretty.

We also got to see Jimmer Fredette right before he was called up the play for the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. That was AMAZING! That boy can shoot a basketball.

Tip Off ..

Getting ready to throw a couple of free throws ...

And Jimmer shooting a technical shot ...