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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was here at my house like it always is. I like to do it but at the end of the day, I am beat. Last night every muscle in my body ached from preparing, shopping, cooking and cleaning for days. :O

I made a turkey breast, stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes, a loin of pork and asparagus. The pork was the hit of the day. I made a Williams-Sonoma recipe with rosemary, thyme and figs. My Dad brought macaroni and meatballs and a huge canoli cake filled with 20 little canolis inside. It was sooooooo good.

As for photos, I managed to get the 3 "big" cousins to stop playing basketball to pose for a shot. Not very Eastery but it's the best I could do.

Then there was the egg hunt. It doesn't matter how many eggs I fill, they still take less than 10 minutes to blow thru them. But it is so much fun to watch. Stew was in charge of taking these photos.

Natalie and Vincent going after the same egg...

Dylan racked up big time. While all the others were fighting …

Coloring Eggs

What would Easter be without it? Every year I say I need to get more than a dozen eggs. We go thru them so fast. And, every year what do I buy? One dozen eggs. Oh well. We had fun! :)




This year we went with the camo theme for our eggs. Not quite the look I like on Easter eggs but hey they liked 'em.

They let me color one lousy egg...cheapskates. LOL!

Lucky Money

Every February for Chinese New Year, Grandma's friend Pui gives the kiddos lucky money. She always gives them two envelopes each of crisp new $5.00 bills. Pui loves photos so this year I decided to take their pictures with the lucky money to include in our thank you. :)

Snowy Early March

I was begining to think I'd have no sledding pictures this winter. We have had very little snow this year. YAY! The only other time there was enough snow to go sledding, I got crummy pictures because it was getting dark. So, while I loathe the white stuff, I was happy to get some winter shots. I bet people are beginning to think I hibernate all winter since all my photos are in the sun. LOL! So, here's what I got.

A couple of posed shots....

Look at the excitement of getting ready for the first slide...

And then the agony of having to climb back up the hill. Look at the expression on his face...priceless! LOL!

Can't believe....

it has been a month since I last posted on here. I am usually pretty good about keeping up. But, I was hit with a long stretch of insomnia. Yikes. I was up all night and sleeping all day. Then I was getting stressed about being tired so I was up worrying about that. Double Yikes. But, I think I've got it all under control. :) Thank the Good Lord for Advil pm.

We've been busy with horseback riding, scouts, birthday parties and school and work. And, now we are getting ready to host Easter Sunday here. I'm making a loin of pork, turkey breast, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green beans, asparagus. Should be fun!

Let's see what else....oh we are no longer hagning out at the new DML site. It got all wonky on us. :( So, now we are hanging our hats at just need it. Small and friendly...perfect.

I've got tons of photos to share but first I have to take them off my computer. :O

Now to let you in on a little obsession of mine....The First 48.…