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Brownie Bottom Cheesecake!

So, last weekend we finally joined Costco. After years as being a faithful BJ's member, we broke down. During our first trip down the aisles, my chocoholic daughter saw this book and read the recipes to me as we were walking around. When she got to the brownie bottom cheesecake, she got my attention. Then when I saw the price of only $5.99, I threw it in the cart. That very night we made the cheesecake sans the chocolate drizzle. It was easy and delicious.I'm sure I'll be sharing many more recipes from this book.

The cover of this amazing book!

The recipe. :)

My piece. :D

The cake minus a couple of pieces. ;)

Dollar Store Get

I am a dollar store junkie. I love them. I cannot pass one up. In my opinion, The Dollar Tree stores are the best. And the ones in Florida are even better than the ones we have here in NY. So, no trip to Florida would be complete without a visit to The Dollar Tree. I usually go to the one in Hallandale but this time I went to an even better one on Sheridan St in Hollywood. It was huge with tons of aisles. I was in Heaven.

The dollar store is great for finding inexpensive decorations. Practically all of my Easter decorations came from The Dollar Tree in Hallandale. I have quite the assortment of ceramic eggs, candy dishes and bunnies.

My second favorite season or holday to decorate for is fall. I have a thing for pumpkins. So, while I was persuing the aisles of the dollar store this July, I picked up these babies to add to my collection. I took them home in my carryon luggage. Aren't they cute?

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!

We are back from vacation. Back to life. Back to reality. It feels like I never left and that's sad. :(

Over the next few days, before school starts, I'll be catching up with everyone.

I did manage to unpack, go thru the mound of mail, pay the bills and get the house restocked.

I have tons of beach photos to share but first I'll share pics from my nephew's 2nd birthday party on Saturday. A good time was had by all. :)

Marco and Dylan before the guests arrived.

Stealing a taste. ;)

Blowing out the candles with some help from his Mom. :)

Enjoying some serious swing-time. The ride is much better with a dirty face. ;)

Natalie, Nicole and Dylan enjoying some time in the bounce house. :)

How many family members does it take to deflate a bounce house? At least 4. LOL!!!

Marco opening up presents. This is the best I could do. He wouldn't look up for all the tea in China. He was too excited about ripping into his presents. :)

Happy Birthday Marco!!!