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Mother/Daughter Brunch

My favorite Brownie event for sure.
Just us Moms and our little girls.
Enjoying good breakfast food.
Singing some songs.
Having a great time!

Maple Sugar

Today Natty's Brownie Troop learned how to make maple syrup at Westmoreland Sanctuary. They got to see the process starting from tree tapping to cooking it up.

They got to taste real sap from a Maple tree. To quote one little girl..."that was the most disgusting thing ever!" LOL!!!!

They even had a blind taste taste where they had to choose which one was real maple syrup and which one was the imitation kind you buy at the grocery sore. Which I learned was actually made out of corn syrup. I gotta start reading my labels more carefully, I guess we'll be using Vermont Pure Maple Syrup as soon as I'm done with my bottle of Aunt Jemima. LOL!!!!!!

FUN stuff. I got some seriously CUTE pictures too. My favorite one isn't even about the event. It's of one of the Brownie's little sister....Sweet Lily up top. Look at that face!?!?! :) TTYL!

Feel Good Friday

Haven't done one of these in a long time. SO overdue.

-it's sunny
-supposed to hit 60
-I see grass on my lawn instead of snow
-I'm going to the gym
-Kiddos have half day
-I'm packing for Florida
-no work today!!!!!!!!!!!!


One more gift...

for the happy couple
Monogrammed thank you cards matching envies all Inkadinkadoo products Quick and easy :)

Creative Juice

My favorite show hosts are coming out with a book in July!!!

I'm beyond thrilled!!

See it here...

Going to the Chapel

and my brother's getting married on the beach in the Bahamas
I'm so excited
I made this album for them I hope they like it.

Scrapping & Purging

I've been busy. A little too busy. So busy that I left my car running in the Mickey D's parking lot while Dylan and I ate lunch for 25 minutes!!! :O I think I'm cracking up!! LOL!!

And the fun didn't end there. The next morning I go to work with no purse. Normally that would not be a big deal but it is when you are on E from having left the car running for 25 minutes the day before!!!! :O

But, not too busy to scrap a little bit. Sweet Irene had the great idea to have an Inpiration Gallery over at DML today. So, a bunch of us created some new projects to share. Check it out. They are FUN! :)

And, I just finished clearing out Natty's room because her new carpet is coming tomorrow afternoon. Yippeeeeeee!!! She is so excited! Her solid panels are coming early next week. With just a few minor finishing touches, her room should be complete berfore we leave for FLA!!!!!!! :D

I managed to throw out 3 hefty bags of stuff from her room. I so love purg…

Little Digi Cameras

I'm in the market for a slim compact but good digi camera to take with me to Disney and other attractions. My Digi SLR is just to much for those types of trips. I took it to Seaworld and it was a pain in the bum. I had to lock it up before every water ride. I'm not doing that at Disney. No way.

So, I've been asking around and doing some reasearch. Then I came across this article. Thought it might be helpful to some of you.

I'm really likin' that red one. HeeHee! :D

We're Going to Disney!!!!!!!!


And, we're staying at a palace. LOL!

But first we are spending a few days in Miami. Ahhhhhh...I cannot wait!!!!!

I have a few new restaurants I want to try. I'll get to see Kristi and Stephanie. Eeeee!

And, maybe, just maybe, I'll get to finally meet Karen since she is only an hour away from Orlando.

Oh, I'm shopping for a tiny digi camera to take with me to Disney. Got any suggestions for me? I'd really appreciate it.


Blue & Gold

Every year in March, the entire Cub Scout Pack gets together and have what they call a Blue & Gold Dinner. Which Natalie informed me should really be called a lunch since it is at 1:00 pm. LOL!
It's a time for awards and badges and silly little skits put on by the boys. And, there is a ceremony for the older boys to move on up to Boy Scouts.

Great family fun.

Go NY, Go NY, Go

Last night we took the kiddos to their first ever basketball game. The Knicks took on the Golden State Warriors at the Garden and they won!! :)

The kids had a blast. And, how could you not with cotton candy, popcorn, raisinets, etc.

Sooooo FUN! BTW, does anyone know of any good tutorials about indoor photos. I cannot take an inside photo to save my life and I'm really getting frustrated. :(