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What I've learned...

about me in the past year:

I've learned what a true friend is, how to be one and who mine are.

I've learned not to change to be part of something.

I've learned to be me and love it.

I've learned to trust my judgment.

I've learned that *I* need to love my layouts.

I've learned that my butt will keep growing if I don't go to the gym.

And finally, I've learned that I was meant to live near the beach. I am most happy when I am warm.

So what did you learn about yourself in 2005? I wanna hear. :)


This was once the cluttered desk area in my kitchen. There was not a spot of surface before I cleaned. I filed away what needed to be filed, chucked what needed to be chucked and stored away what I could. And, now I actually have surface area to write a note if I wanted to. Yippee! Wait til Stew sees it. I think I'll stand behind him just in case he faints. LOL! Mo


That is my goal today. After seeing my friend Jenny's kitchen free of piles, I am determined to make some real progress with mine. I have the where does it go pile, the will get to pile, the need to shred pile, etc. You get the picture and it ain't pretty. So, I am off to declutter. I promise to take pix when I'm done. Wish me luck! Oh and any tips would be greatly appreciated! :)

Sick Little Girlie

Well, Natty woke up and got sick all over herself, the bathroom floor and wall. :( She's been sleeping ever since I got her (and the bathroom) cleaned up. So, what's a Mom to do? Scrap! While DS created castles with Magnetix, I created this. Super Simple...just the way I like 'em. :)

*Volunteer* Santa

Every year our volunteer firemen come around on their fire truck handing out candy canes. They sound the horn to let you know they're outside. And one always dresses up as Santa. The kiddos love it. Here's Natty with him. As we were walking to our house, she told me he wasn't the real Santa because she saw his black mustache. LOL!

My First Post

My first post! Yeah! I started a blog once before and let it slide. I promise to be more active with this one. :)