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7 Songs

I've been tagged by the Goober herself to list 7 songs that I'm into right now. It's gonna be hard since I tend to listen to the same 2 songs over and over again. But here goes nothing...

1. Over My Head, The Fray (How To Save a Life)
2. Far Away, Nickelback (All the Right Reasons)
3. Crazy, Gnarls Barkley (St Elsewhere)
4. London Bridge, Fergie (Fergie)
5. Dani California, Chili Peppers (Stadium Arcadium)
6. Move Along, All American Rejects (Move Along)
7. Black Horse & The Cherry Tree, KT Tunstall (Eye to the Telescope)

Didn't think I could do it...;)

Now I tag:
-Reenie Roo
-Lindsay Teague
-Karen Bukovan


A Bear

My little man officially became a Bear Scout on Friday. He received his new Bear hat, neckerchief and slide. :)

We had a little ceremony with the rest of the Den before our weekly activities.

This year a few of Dylan's friends dropped out of Scouts. I was so proud of him for wanting to do it even tho his good buddies were not. :)

I don't know if we'll make it to Eagle Scout, but we are well on our way.

Congrats Dylan!!!!!

Ho Hum

Feeling a bit bored with the daily grind lately. Ho Hum.

Don't know how to mix it up tho. Ho Hum.

Coffee with the girls would be nice but everyone has such hectic schedules that it just doesn't happen. Ho Hum.

I'd like to sit and scrap all day but then I pay for it the next day with all the chores I neglected in order to scrap. Ho Hum.

The gym is not just calling my name, it's frickin screaming....RAMONA!!! GET BACK HERE!!!!!! But, here I sit vegging in front of the puter. Ho Hum.

I need a good swift kick in the rear these days to do anything. WTH?

Anybody care to share some pearls of wisdom. I can't seem to figure it out???

I truly had no idea that life could be so...ho hum! :(

Weekend Happenings

Saturday morning means soccer in our house. When I woke up, it was dark and dreary but by the time we got to the soccer field the sun was shining. It actually turned out to be a fantastic day.

Soccer pix were a nightmare. They took so long that Natty didn't even get to play a real game. She played for 15 minutes against her own team because the opposing team was still taking their pictures. She was very disappointed. :(

Then it was Dylan's turn. His pix did not go much smoother but at least they allowed them to play an entire game.

And boy was it ever a good one. Dylan played the best I've ever seen. He was in on every play and even had an assist.

Good schtuff!

And...guess who lost her first tooth? That's right! Yesterday during Dylan's soccer game, Natalie lost her first tooth. She was so excited! She kept saying I'm gonna get alot of money from the tooth fairy because it's my first lost tooth. :)

That's it for me.


Reality Ramblings

So, last night I could not wait for the new epi of Laguna. The thing between Cameron and Tessa was so hyped. So hyped that I was apt to be disappointed. And, I was. I guess you can't fit it all in a half hour.

MTV, if you are reading this, that show needs to be longer!!!!! :)

But, they always get me with the coming attractions. And next week's coming attractions were killer! It looks like Tessa gets dissed and Cameron is with Jess.

Now, I know lots of you people don't like Jess. But, I do. I think that poor girl has gotten the short end of the stick for too long! She needs someone to pick her for once! Go Jess! Besides, Tessa and Chase are destined to be together anyway...

And, why on earth are Cameron's friends so amped to get him away from Jess. They all say she's a nice girl but you need to break loose form her. For what reason?

Can you tell that I absolutely LOVE that show? I love the drama, the clothes, the scenery and their own little cute language.

1st Day of School

So, the first day of school went off without a hitch. Backpacks filled with new supplies, forms all filled out and sent in, pictures taken for the scrapbooks and we were ready and waiting for the bus x2.

Yes, this year we are on 2 different buses with 2 different schedules. I was dreading this day. I thought it was going to be rough but I think it was actually smoother. I was able to get each one fed and ready alone. Yeah, I think I like the new schedule. :)

So now the fun begins. We are very busy during the school year with homework and activities. We start today with gymnastics for Dylan. I missed Natty's first class yesterday...ooops! I was just not even thinking about it because getting ready for school was on my mind. We'll just have to make it up at some point.

But, as long as I am on a schedule and make my lists and plan my meals all should be good. Ok. I'm off to go put some dinner in the crockpot.


First Picks of the Season

It's apple picking time. It's the very beginning of the season but it's starting already. I've been in a funk lately with summer being alomst over and school starting again. So, my hubby has been getting me out of the house in an effort to snap me out of it.

Sunday we went to a really huge outdoor flea market and ate crab cake sandwiches for lunch. And yesterday we went to one of our favorite local orchards to pick some apples.

There were only two varities, jonamac and macintosh, but we managed to pick two bag fulls. I guess I'll be making an apple crisp this week and putting them in the kiddos lunch boxes. You know what they apple a day, keeps the doctor away. :)


Deja Views RAK's...

Go to and check them out. They are posted on the Scrap Talk board. Free stuff is a good thing. :) Well...what are you waiting for??? Go there now! ;)

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend. :)


New Month = New Layouts

Happy September 1st!!! Summer is winding hoo. :( I am so *not* ready to see it go. But, what better way to keep it going then with some beach layouts. LOL!

This month my product spotlight at Scrapjazz is the FABULOUS new Karen Foster Design. The papers, rub on and stickers are simply gawgeous! I was in Heaven getting to create with this stuff. And, it just so happens that it was chock full of summer/beach themed lines. Yay! :D

And, the theme (secrets) and technique (ad inspiration) are so cool too. I absolutely love using ads as inpsiration for my layouts so the technique was right up my alley! And, the secrets theme was just plain fun to do.

So there's a peek at my stuff for this month. Thanks for looking!