Friday Five (+ 1)

1.) Favorite Food: Pasta
2.) Least Favorite Food: Steak
3.) Favorite Thing: Shoes
4.) Least Favorite Thing: Snow
5.) A phobia: Public Restrooms
6.) An addiction: E mail


Sharon said…
Much easier questions this week, so I can play! ;)

1.) Favorite Food: chips & helluva good french onion dip
2.) Least Favorite Food: lima beans
3.) Favorite Thing: an afternoon nap on my back porch
4.) Least Favorite Thing: headaches
5.) A phobia: wind/tornadoes
6.) An addiction: chips & helluva good french onion dip!
Suzelle said…
1. Favorite Food: anything crunchy and salty
2. Least Favorite Food: peas
3. Favorite Thing: a quiet, clean house :)
4. Least Favorite Thing: clutter
5. A phobia: snakes !!!!
6. An addiction: the internet
Anonymous said…
1.) Favorite food: prime rib

2.) Least favorite food: that's tough. I tink coconut and chili are tied.

3.) Favorite thing: books

4.) Least favorite thing: bickering children (especially when they are my children and I have to keep them!)

5.) A phobia: snakes. ewwwww.

6.) An addiction: patterned paper

(Hmmmm, I musta forgotten how to count.... that doesn't look like five!!)

Fun stuff Mo :)

Karen said…
I don't really like steak, either. And don't get me started on public restrooms. LOL

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