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Christmas in July

I know. I know. Christmas presents in July?? Yes, indeed. I cannot pass up a cute little gift for all the tea in China. So, while I was on the way to take Natalie to use the restroom in TJ Maxx, these adorable photo clutch wallets caught my eye. I thought to myself ... oh, wouldn't they make a cute little Christmas gift!? They were only $6.99 and I could fill them up with photos to make them extra personal. Here's what I got:

One for my Mom.

One for my sister.

One for my Aunt Joanne.

And I couldn't resist this one just for me. It matches my very favorite hot pink patent Coach bag. ;)

Key Lime Cupcakes

What is a girl to do when her husband calls her at 2:48 to tell her that he is bringing home a dinner guest and they will be there at 3:20!?

For starters, you don't panic. Then, you thank your lucky stars that you like to frequent HomeGoods and TJ Maxx on a regular basis. And finally, you are fine with serving dessert that is semi-homemade. ;)

While killing some time at HomeGoods last week, I saw a mix for Key Lime Cupcakes. I am a sucker for anything key lime and the packaging was just too cute to pass up. And at $7.00, I thought totally worth it.

Well, they were. So, if you see this mix at your local HomeGoods pick it up. They were a hit with the company. :)

And here they are on my new palm frond serving tray I picked up at TJ Maxx for $3.99. They were delicious. :)

It is an addiction

It has been passed down from mother to daughter.




My Mom's nickname in our family is, in fact, Imelda as in Imelda Marcos. My Mom has a shoe collection that rivals hers for sure. It's just too bad that she is a size 9 and I am a 7. Because, if I like a shoe enough, I have been known to wear an 8. ;)

So, on Saturday, at my cousin's graduation party, my Mom says I have something for you. I said...oh really? She said I bought myself a Coach bag and it is really not me. It's too wild. I said bring it on!

Indeed it is funky but with an ensemble of solid colors, I think it adds just the perfect amount of punch. And it was free so I love it even more.

And, DH says you cannot wear that when you are with me. It is hideous. I'm still trying to decide if that is a pro or a con. :O

What's the verdict?