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The Famous To-Do List

I am a list maker through and through. I often say...if it's not on list, then it doesn't get done.

Sometimes I have several going at once...a daily one and a weekly or even a monthly one. And nothing gives me greater pleasure than being able to cross things off my list and eventually toss the daily one in the garbage. :) I am not too hard on myself tho if I do not cross everything off, I just move it to the next day.

I recently received this e mail on to-do lists from the organizing guru herself, Marcia Ramsland that I thought I'd share with you. It is jam-packed with great to-do list pointers.


A written to-do list is the secret to clearing your mind of mental clutter and accomplishing more each day. When the list is more than a day’s worth of actions, it is actually considered a “Master List.”

Marcia’s Time Slotted To-Do List:

When you start listing items on your to-do list, you have three choices: you can put to-dos in the order they occur to you, in th…