Monday, June 02, 2008

Can you say Ooooh La La?

As part of their hobby try it, the Brownies got to make beaded jewlery at a local jewelry store. The owner of the store set up a blanket in the middle of the store and gave each of the girls a box of beads. And off they went choosing beads and learning how to make thee cutest bracelets.

Showing off her very stylish bracelet. I told her I *will* be borrowing it one day soon ;)

Doing her best Marilyn Monroe impersonation and I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know who she is. LOL!!! The kid is a natural.


Tracy said...

Wow! Your daughter is Darling!!
And look at all those try-it badges she's earned on her vest-Quite impressive!!

Suzelle said...

Look at all those try-its. Makes me look like a slacker leader...haha !!!!!!

Go Natty !!!!!!

Jill said...

She's such a cute little brownie! Nice job on the bracelet too...and what a fun project. You girls will be trading outfits in no time!

e said...

OMGosh she is so beautiful!! love her bracelet too - i love baubbles!

Denise Gormish said...

Looks FAB!!! And that vest is loaded with Try-its!!! You need to take a pix of her showing off all those try-its.

Jennifer said...

What a poser. LOL! Love the photos and that cute bracelet.