Birthday BBQ

On Saturday, we celebrated Natty's 8th birthday with the family. She wanted a BBQ so we made hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, sausage and steak. Lots of sides. Yum!

The weather was fabulous. 85 and sunny. Hot but not too much. Sunny but an occasional cloud would pass over just in time to cool you off. Really perfect for a backyard party.

And now for my favorite part of any event...the pictures. Enjoy!

Let's eat some cake! Natty had not one but 2 birthday cakes. A chocolate brownie cake and a tiramisu cake. Yum!

The cousins minus Nicole. She would not stay still for the photo. LOL!

One of her favorite presents from my sister...a horse shirt. She wore it today to her horseback riding party. :)

My Mom and Natty. They are so much alike. Sassy to the bone. ;)

Pictures of the goodie bags. They are craft boxes from Martha Stewart filled with mints. I used a Stampin' Up! oval tag and brads, Martha rub ons, and Sandylion Hibiscus Stickers. I took these just for you, Tracy. ;)


Suzelle said…
How FUN !!!!

Those goodie bags are darling :)
Tracy said…

I own those same Martha goodie bags-yours turned out darling!!

And, I've just got to say GO GIRL! (with the two cakes-yummy)

My daughter's wardrobe consists mostly of "horsey" tees--I bet Natty's loving that new one!

Aren't kid parties just the most fun??
JENNY B said…
it looks like it was such a fun party! cute cute Natty!!
dianne said…
What a nice day for Natty!
Cute pics! I have now decided that I should have 2 cakes mor all my future birthdays. Hee.
Melodee said…
Yum...your party sounds so good! We should have drove to NY! :)

Natty is getting so big and prettier every day! Adorable photos!

Happy Birthday Natty!
Susan said…
love your goodie bags Mo!
darling pics too!

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