A New Layout

It has been awhile. I don't know what is wrong but I cannot seem to stay in my scraproom. I go in there, move some stuff around, turn the light off and walk out. If I manage to start a layout, it takes two weeks to finish it. And, the result is less than exciting. See for yourself at the layout above. So, I took a trip to the craft store this week and picked up some new stuff hoping that it will give me the extra umph I need to get going. I have assignments coming due in the next couple of days and I've got nothing, nada, zippo. Wish me luck!


Reen said…
Scrappin' is like riding a bike, ya never forget how to do it. If you haven't done it in a while, you're a little wobblie at first then it all comes back to you like you never stopped riding. kwim? so you just have to keep going! Good luck with your LO's that are coming due, I know you'll do great! I LOVE this LO, so just shut up and scrap already girl! These photos are simply adorable! I love all of your papers and embellies too! So get back on that bike and ride woman!!!!

Love you,
Tracy said…
LUCK!! :0)
Karen said…
I'm right there with ya. Hope your scrapping mojo comes back soon.

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