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Girl Scout Events Galore

It's March Madness or should I say Girl Scout Madness. LOL! This was the month for lots of fun activities. There were sleepovers, brunches, cookies sales, meetings and fencing too.

Mother/Daugher Brunch. Every year the girl scouts hold a Mother/Daughter Brunch. It is usually at the girl scout camp at Rock Hill but this year it was at the Putnam National Golf Center. They had a record turn out. And every year there is a craft for the girls to do. This year it was a scrapbook page! SO CUTE!

Natty and me.

Me, Linda, Christine and Jessica.

Liz, Christina and Natalie.

The whole troop.

Cookie selling at the Katonah train station. We had a nice night for it weatherwise. Sales were decent. But the girls had fun. :)

Fencing at the Peekskill Fencing Academy. This was such an amazing event for the girls and the two brothers who tagged along. They spent over two hours learning all about fencing. And at the end they even had some duels. SO COOL!

March Crop

I thought I better get a photo of us girls from the CT crop up on here before March ended. LOL!

I wish we all lived closer so we could go to these more often. I love these ladies. They make me laugh. They inspire me. And Nancy enables, er, I mean, entertains me like no other. LOVE ya Nancy! The punches are still in my bags! :O

This was by far my most successful crop project-wise. I got 8 layouts and 2 cards done. As soon as I get those scanned and photographed, I'll post them for you.

Until October girls!


Pretty Flowers

made my day.

Right before we left for spring break, one of my sweet sweet 3 year olds, Bisty, gave me this plant. It has already developed 5 blooms and it brightens my day every time I look at it just like sweet Bitsy Lou (as I affectionately refer to her) does every Tues-Wed-Thur.

I love my job. :)

I hope someone makes your day today. :)

The Perfect Brownie

I am such a sucker for kitchen gadgets and baking apparatus that it is quite comical. I've seen the commercials for this for a while now and I have resisted. I've passed it in the aisles at CVS and resisted. Even when my friend Sam bought one, I didn't cave. Good girl. I kept telling myself.

But, then, while shopping at BJ's, there it was, out on display and for the cheapest price I've ever seen it. I.could.not.resist. :O

It will be making it's debut on Easter Sunday. I'll let you know if it's worth the hype. ;)


Kitchen Update

Thanks to trusty HomeGoods, I found exactly what I was looking for for the corner of my kitchen counter. I got the glass container on clearance for $12.00 each for a package of lemons and limes cost $9.99. So, for just over $30.00 I was able to bring some height to that area of the kitchen.

Now just to swap out the old toaster for a pretty new stainless steel one and I'll be all set. :)

What do you think?

Kitchen Organizing

I really love organizing. I need organizer's anonymous. I kid you not. A fun afternoon for me consists of cleaning out my pantry and reorganizing its contents. :O

We recently painted our kitchen and I am starting to spruce it up with accesories but first I needed to clean and reorganize.

I sent my family out for the day and away I went. I was merciless when it came to throwing stuff out. If I had 2 of something, one went into the garbage. It felt so good.

I did a deep cleaning and then put everything back in its place or in a new spot that worked better for now.

Let's see what I did...

First off, is my desk area. This is where I write bills, look up recipes and fill out school stuff. I use the basket on the left to hold my current and most used cooking magazines. It is a Longaberger basket. The basket on the right is for important papers, bills, etc. I got that at a store called Hold Everything. And in between are note cards and a little thing of scrap paper. The draw…