For Natty's party with her friends, she chose a horseback riding party at the farm where she rides. She was so excited and several Moms told me that their girls were really excited about it too because a lot of them have never ridden a horse before. The weather was rainy but it cleared up just in time for us to take a picture outside and enjoy a little tour around the farm. In addition to horses, they have pigs, chickens, ducks, a goat and several dogs. Even tho the staff for the party was less than stellar, the girls didn't seem to notice and had a great time. So, now I can rest until next year. LOL!

Natty riding Stetson donning her new riding helmet, pants and boots. The only thing not showing was her green crop. Since this was not a lesson, she didn't really need it. She trotted for the girls and posted and showed them some of the things she has learned since taking her lessons. She was so proud. :)

Not only did they get to ride the horses, they also got to groom one of them...MaryJane. :)

The whole gang outside the barn. This will go in their thank you's. :)

The kiddos love these cookie cakes from The Great American Cookie Company. So, when I saw that they can draw a horse on it for a couple of extra dollars, I thought it would be cute. It was a big hit. :)

Whew! I plan on napping for the rest of the week. So, don't look for any updates too soon. LOL!


Suzelle said…
Oh my gosh...if this is not theeee cutest thing ever !!!! Horsie, girl heaven !!!!! So FUN, FUN, FUN !!!!!

*Claire has the same shirt as the girl on the far left :)
Karen said…
What a totally fun party!!!! That's so cool that she showed her friends all about horses. And that cookie cake looks delicious!!! Get some rest then come back soon. Great photos, too.
Susan said…
she will not soon forget this party, I'll bet! How fun!
Tracy said…
What a beautiful riding arena! Your daughter looks like a pro up there on the horse! AND, I love the "cookie cake" with the horse head on it!!

Way to Go, Mo!!

You certainly deserve your week's rest now :0)
Jennifer said…
It looks like an awesome party! So glad everyone had fun. The picture in front of the barn is so cute. All I could think is that Dylan should have been in the middle with all of the girls kissing him. LOL.

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