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Color of the Week - Green

Ahhh, I love this pot. Can you really love a pot? Well, I can say that I really do love this pot. It is called kiwi and it is gorgeous. I coveted it for quite some time but I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a pot. But, a little GC to Williams-Sonoma courtesy of reward points and it was all mine. I hope to soon add more to my collection as it is lonely. Oh, and it really does cook beautifully. Matter of fact I have a brisket in mine right now. :)

Pretty green glasses. I bought these from a very shi-shi home store in Miami. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. I only break them out for company. Last time we drank out of them was at Natty's birthday party and I made a drink with prosecco, pomegranite juice, orange juice and fresh limes. Delish! :)

This is a sausage tree. I've never seen one before and I thought it was kinda neat looking. It doesn't really grow sausages. It got it's name because the things hanging from it look lik…

Friday Five

1. Who is your favorite author? Sue Grafton.
2. What is your favorite book/series? Sue Grafton's Kinsey Milhone Alphabet Series.
3. Who is a book hero you most wish to be like? I kinda like Edna Buchanan's reporter/mystery solver Britt Montero.
4. Who is a book character that you envy? Oh boy this is a tough one but I'm going to go with Dr. Kay Scarpetta.
5. Which book do you wished you lived in? Pride and Prejudice. :)

Yellow - Color of the Week

At the apple picking farm, there was a small garden of just sunflowers. They were the most magnificent sunflowers I have ever seen. They were so tall and the colors so vibrant. I wanted to take them home with me. I thought oh they are perfect for Sharon's color of the week. So here ya go. Enjoy them...

Apple Picking

Every year we go apple picking. We have our usual favorites but this time we decided to try some place new... Apple Hill Farm. It was a bit of a ways away but it was near our favorite brew pub so I was game.

They had several varities like red and golden delicious, macoun, jonagold and opalescent which were HUGE but I did not like the layout. It did not have that u-pick kinda feel. There was a private house right in the middle that you had to walk around. It wasn't at all crowded which I guess some may like but I like when there are lots of people. It makes it feel more like an event, more festive. But what do I know. It seems the rest of the family liked it just fine.

My favorite shot of the day...

Eating the fruits of their labor. LOL! Get it!? ;)

Down by the parking lot, they had an old fire engine set up with bales of hay and pumpkins. Really cute. The kiddos had to get in for a ride. Of course, they fought about who would get to drive first. But I managed to get t…

Friday Five

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Flight Attendant but back then I would have been called a Stewardess. :D

What is your proudest accomplishment so far? My two amazing children!

What is your dream job? Working for the Atlanta Braves or MLB. I love baseball and can see it being my life. LOL!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Retired! ;)

What does it take to make you happy? Warm sunshine is all it really takes.

Black Monday

That sounds so depressing so I decided to use photos of beautiful black butterflies that we saw over the summer at Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida.


Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!

I have been going thru my summer photos and I came across this cool shot of my DD in her bright pink shirt in front of the M in MMOCA...Miami Museum of Contemporary Art.

And another on a floor of records...

And this is a shot of the family in front of La Carretta cuban restaurant in Little Havana. I rooster smoking a cigar. Gotta love it. :)

This turned into a where in the world is the little girl in the pink tank top post but it was fun to relive those summer vacation memories again.

I hope you have a Pinkalicious Saturday!

Orange you Glad Friday Five

What’s your favorite orange-colored food? Carrots.
What’s the best way to drink orange juice? In a glass with ice.
Which candy’s orange-colored pieces taste best? Chuckles.
What are your feelings about orange soda? Hate it!
When did you last wear an orange item of clothing? This summer.

Thanks for playing!

Pink Monday

Happy Pinkness!

Pink Tube.
Little girl in the ocean.
I am missing Florida already....

Pink tropical Flowering Plant
So beautiful!
Taken at Jungle Island, Miami Florida

Another One Bites the Dust

Over the summer, my brother and his fiance got married on the island of St. Lucia. They ran off and had the tropical island wedding that they both wanted. Since there was no one there to celebrate with them, Denise's parents threw them a party on Sunday.

I was so excited to meet her family. Altho my Mom and Dad have met them several times, they live in Tampa and I have enver met them. So, I got finally met them yesterday.

The food was delicious and it was nice seeing old friends and meeting new "family" too. I managed to get a few shots none of them great. I had a little too much vino. :O

Me and my crew.

My sister and her family minus the newborn.

Outside the hall.

And, finally, cutting the cake. :)

Good Luck and Congrats!!!!

Friday Five

How many times a day do you...

1. Brush your teeth? 3

2. Shower? 1 for sure but sometimes 2 in the summer

3. Check your E-mail? A bajillion

4. Check justneedit or *your* favorite website? A bajillion + 1

5. Eat? Too many. LOL!

First Day of School

I am always so sad on the first day of school. I enjoy having them around all summer. I will miss the lazy days of no schedule. I will miss their banter. I will miss them.

One bright spot is that both of my kiddos are in the same school this year. A good thing since that means one bus stop. And it is later so it gives me more time to run around after work.

So here are the requisite first day photos taken in my driveway before the bus came.



And one shot together...

White Monday

These are so FUN to do. I love searching for things that represent me in a specific color. :D

Here are my white Monday photos...

Love these shades. Totally sleek and chic. :D

I have always wanted a men's watch. I think this one is FABOO!

Michael Kors white wedges. Wished I'd seen these at the beginning of the season!

White shells on top of sand...

Can't wait for next week's color! :)