It's the end of the season

Baseball season is over for the spring. It's been a good season. Well, except for the amount of games that got rained out.

Dylan pitched a couple of times and loved it. He was so proud of himself when he struck out 2 batters in one inning.

He also was pretty good at the plate. One game he hit a triple. Wahoo! I guess time at the batting cages really does pay off.

So, on the last game of the season, all the boys received a trophy. It's really pretty cool. It is a posable baseball player on top of a stand. Dylan is very proud of it. :)


Suzelle said…
Yea Dylan !!!!!
JENNY B said…
yeah Dylan-- 2 batters in one inning--- good for you =)
Tracy said…
Isn't he just the handsome little slugger!!
Susan said…
I can tell he's so proud of that trophy! sounds like he had a great season

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