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Game Day

Today was the first game of the baseball and softball season! And what a day we had. The weather was gorgeous. 65 and sunny.

With Stew gone, I had a bit of juggling to do to get everyone to their games. I was hopping from one field to another but, I did manage to see Dylan and Natalie each get a turn at bat. And they both came around to score.

I took a few photos during the game. But, I was so rushed and preoccupied that I didn't really get any spectacular shots. Oh well, there are many more games to go.

I did manage to get a couple good ones before we left for the game tho.


Last night as I was cleaning up and getting ready for Monday morning, I came across the piece of paper above. It was written by my 5 yr old daughter. In case you don't understand Kindergartenese, I'll translate. It says:

Oh how lucky I am to have a Mom like you to tell me don't worry of my Dad

Let me put this little gem in context for ya. For the past month or so, we have been redecorating her room. In the meantime, she has been sleeping in the "blue" room, our guest bedroom. Well, yesterday we finally finished her room. And, I guess her father told her that now she has to sleep in her "real" room.

While I was making dinner she asks me if she can sleep one more night in the "blue" room to say goodbye to it. I said she could. That's when she tells me but Daddy said I have to sleep in my "real" room. Then I said to her...don't worry about your Daddy. I'll tell him I said it was okay. Hence the note above.

Natalie le…

American Idol Ramblings

Ok. So, this week was the first time I actually watched an episode. I am in a lipgloss pool where each person was randomly assigned an idol. I had Ace. Week after week I had to hear how awful he was and how he should get booted off, blah, blah, blah.

I got lipgloss riding on this dude! So, my friend Linds told me that he could still win and to watch it. So, I did. And while he was not the best , he certainly wasn't the worst. I thought for sure I was safe and would move on to next week.

Well, I guess I should not have counted my lipgloss, er I mean chickens, before they hatched. LOL! Ace got booted off!?

I'm sorry but the fact that Kellie stayed over Ace is A*B*S*U*R*D!!!! Who in their right mind would vote for her after that performance (if you can even call it that)!?

So, I guess after my one and only episode, my idol watching days are over. Boo hoo. :(

San Diego Sunset

Well, actually Del Mar, but isn't it beautiful!? Do you see the surfer dude in the water? How cool is that!?

And my two cuties...

Two Pretty Little Girls

Easter Sunday was terrific. I had to do it all alone but I did it. The food was delish, the weather was perfect-o and everyone got along. I even managed to muster enough energy to clean up after everyone was gone. Yeah!

I tried a couple of new Rachael Ray recipes for appetizers and they both came out great. I made a red pepper, olive & caper tapenade and a tomato, onion and cucmber salad. Yum-O. Both recipes can be found on Just go to 30 Minute Meals and look for the episode that aired Friday, April 14th, 2006.

But, the best part of the day was the photos. Isn't it always about the photos!? :) I love boys! I really do. But, there is something about pretty little girls in their Easter dresses. Don't you agree?

Happy Hunting....

or not so happy hunting. You decide. This is the face of a little girl who only found 4 eggs. She kills me. She was so pitiful that other kids felt sorry for her and started sharing their eggs. Quite honestly, I think she knows how to work it. LOL!

On a brighter note, the hunt went well, the weather was perfect and I managed to be prepared in spite of getting home from Cali after 11 pm and only sleeping 4 hours.

Hope all your eggs are filled! See ya!

Cool Beans

As most of you know, I'm on the Blue Crew for Scrapjazz. As part of the crew, we are to create layouts, cards, and such with a different product every month. For April, my product was patterned paper from Craft Diner. Fun stuff!

I made several layouts and a couple of cards. Well, yesterday I got an e mail from the owner of the company. She wants to use my cards on their website!!!! How cool is that!?

Totally made my day! I just love unexpected happy news. Don't you? :)

Opening Day!

I LOVE baseball! I could watch it every day. I barely make it thru the long winter without it and I yearn for the day when pitchers and catchers report to spring training. As a Mom, I am using my influence over my kiddos in hopes of making them love it as much as I do.

Yesterday was the day we picked up our team shirts and hats. Dylan is on the Royals again. At least it's not the Red Sox. And Natty is officially the Cubs but her uni is just the name of our town. She was a little disappointed. Actually, I was too.

Don't they look so CUTE!?!?

SJ Upload Day

Today is the 1st and that means it's upload day at Scrapjazz. I am happy with my layouts, they are totally me but I must admit that I am getting very discouraged with the lack of support over there. It is very disenchanting to work your butt off to get only a few comments and most of them are from fellow DT members. Oh well, at least I LOVE them! These two are my faves. Ciao! Mo