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I will be Grateful

It is so easy to take for granted
all the good things in life when
so much is filled with day to day busy-ness.
We need to stop and be thankful.

For me to be more positive,
I need to think more positively.
Writing down all that's good
in my life will help me.
I am sure of that!

So, I started a Gratitude Journal
and I got some lovely ladies over
at DML to join me. You can too.
We just started so it's not too late.
Every other day, I post a prompt, hopefully,
helping us become more grateful in our lives.
Come check it out in the Challenge section

This is my front and inside cover....

Teddy Bears and Pumpkins....

Today was Dominique's much anticipated Build a Bear birthday party. Natalie has been asking how much longer til the day of the party since we got the invitation. LOL! She's so CUTE. She picked a sweet looking bear and named her Caramel Heart. Of course we just had to buy the leopard print reversable jean jacket, skirt, matching purse and black shoes to go with! ;)

Since we were in Danbury already for the party, we took a quick trip to Blue Jay Orchards to pick some pumpkins. We even convinced my sister and her family to meet us there.

It was a fabulous day...warm and sunny! And, we came home with 4 pumkins. One for each member of the family. :) Dylan took his pumpkin picking seriously and would not pick just any pumpkin. So after much consideration, this is the one he chose... favorite photo.
My sweet niece.
She was quite uncooperative
for her Mama but I sure got thee shot of the day.
HeeHeeHee! ;)

Bazzill Basics

I can remember when I first starting looking at online galleries and I noticed everyone used this bazzill cardstock. Well, of course I never heard of it and thought what's so special about it.

Ha! I'll tell you what's so special about's rich colors and amazing textures! I will now not use any other cardstock (with the exception of The Paper Company's white cardstock) on my layouts and cards. :)

So, you can imagine how excited I was to learn that my Scrapjazz spotlight this month was none other than Bazzill Basics! I went a little nuts and created 3 layouts and 4 cards....

And, here is my new addiction....making cards with the Bazzill Chip Toppers!!!!