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Free Day!

Holy Mackeral! It's raining. It's pouring. The old man must be snoring. A noreaster is blowin' thru the NE and school and therefore work was cancelled.

So, it's a free day for meeeeeeeeeeee! I love free days. I've been creating all day. Making cards and even a couple of layouts.

Tell me why I live here again? Oh, yah, sweet hubby has his feet firmly planted in NY.

I'm craving me some sunshine. So, I leave you with some palm trees. Enjoy!

Golden Girl

Anyone who knows me knows I *heart* the Golden Girls. I've been asking my family to buy me the DVD sets for years. It looks like I'm gonna have to buy them for myself. Just like anything else I really want. Gotta just get it for myself. Let that be a lesson to all you girls, don't wait for anybody. If you want something, make sure you can buy it for yourself. Ok. But I digress.
This is a post about all the new fun things about my favorite Golden Girls. Rue McClannahan aka Blanche has a new autobiography out called My First 5 Husbands and the Ones Who Got Away. The final season of the GOlden Girls has just come out on DVD. And, while in Orlando I got to take a picture with Betty White. Well, a Betty White statue....;)

I feel

1. Stuffy. Allergy season is kickin' in and I cannot breathe and the headaches are already starting.

2. Tired. I need one good day to just stay in bed and watch mindless tv. Vacation and Easter and unpacking and work, etc. really kicked my booty this week.

3. Excited. I got asked back for next year at work this week and got myself a raise too.

4. Needy. Need new shoes, a new fun bag, a mani and pedi and I desperately need a haircut!

5. Angry. I'm angry at myself for not going to the gym this morning when I absolutely had the time.

6. Nervous. I'm nervous about possibly moving. I want to move to where the living is a bit easier. I want to move where the weather is not so harsh. I want to live in the south. And, today I took some beginning steps to see if I can make that happen.

7. Organized. This morning I managed to get 4 presents for upcoming parties and things. I even got the gift bags and tissue paper. I love being on top of things.

8. Happy. Baseball season is underway. For t…

Ramona's Unofficial Guide to Disney

Having recently visited Disney, I've got a few pointers/observations for those going in the future. Trust me folks. :)
1. Arrive at the park as soon as it opens. The lines seems to appear right before your very eyes.
2. FAST PASS IS THE WAY TO GO! Figure out which rides you want to go on first and get fast passes for them first thing. You cannot hold two fast pass for the same time. So, get your first fast pass and then on that ticket it will tell you when you can get your next one. It is usually about an hour after you got the first one.
3. Magic Kingdom is thee most crowded of the 4 parks. MGM was definitely the least crowded. And Epcot was downright manageable if you head to the World Showcase first. Get a fast pass for any rides you want to go on in Futureworld and then go straight to World Showcase. We did not have to wait more than 15 minutes for anything in Epcot. It made it the most enjoyable of all the parks.
4. Animal Kingdom was crowded but there is alot to do in the park. …