Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pig Roast

I ate chicken! :D

My Stew (in the middle) flanked by his two good buddies, Stu and Stevie.

And, my no buying challenge is still intact. It is June 10th and I have made it without buying anything other than food, gas and other supplies for Natty's 7th birthday party. Only 20 more days to go. Wish me luck. :)


Anonymous said...

Stu looks cute as ever with his buddies!!! the pig, not so much! hahahahaha!!! That pig photo is just awesome! really!! a little scary and a little kewl and a little ewwww! Love it!

You can do it Mo! If you get tempted to buy, just call me and I'll tell you NO!!!! :)

hugs, reen

Linda Albrecht said...

I am so not going to eat pok now for quite a while!!! Ewww,yuck. Linda

Linda Albrecht said...

That is PORK -- I meant pork. Lol. Linda

Jennifer said...

I have to ask... what are the odds of Stew being friends with Stu?

A no buying challenge, huh? I need to do one of those. Maybe next month. I have to mentall prepare myself first. :)

Jill said...

LOL - oink, oink!

Great pictures (of Stew, not the piggy!)