I'm not really what you call a nature girl. I don't hike. I can't tell the difference between one tree and the next unless it is a weeping willow. :O

I'm waiting for the class trip to Bloomies. ROTFL! But, I'm not holding out any hope for that.

But, I had a great time today with Dylan's class exploring at the Audubon Center in Greenwich. The kids got to explore ponds and rivers and even catch some wildlife. They learned about frogs, crayfish and all sorts of little critters.

And, our weather was perfect. Sunny and it didn't get really hot until we had to leave.

Here's my peek into nature from behind my D70. :D


Jill said…
Ramona, those are awesome pics!!! Is that Dylan's teacher leaning over the bridge? Looks like a really fun trip for the kids!
Sue Thomas said…
Love, love, love these photos, Ramona!!!! You really captured the day!!!
Suzelle said…
Class trip to the Bloomies...hahaah !!!!'

Cool pics Mo !!!!
That looks fun!!!!! Gppd luck getting tht trip tp Bloomies!

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