End of the School Year

is fast approaching. So, it is time for celebration. Dylan's class voted for a breakfast celebration instead of an ice cream party.

Mr Ringer flipped the jacks, I made chocolate milk and the kiddos ate and ate and ate. There was cereal, fruit, bagels, & cream cheese or butter, donuts and brownies! YUM!

We had a fabulous group of parents this year. They were always eager to send in whatever was needed. And, sometimes I even had to turn people away. I wish I always had thast problem. :)

And, we gave Mr. Ringer his gift from the class. I wrapped a beach towel with sunscreen a magazine and a Home Depot GC. He had told me a couple of weeks ago that he loves that place. So, his gift was an easy one. He really was an amazing teacher. I can only hope that Natalie gets him when she reaches 3rd grade.

Happy almost summer vacation!!!!!


Susan said…
Flap Jacks..Yummmm!
Sounds better than ice cream to me too. :)
The towel and gc is an adorable present Mo.
Suzelle said…
Pancakes...if that is not a GREAT idea !!!!!

Cool beans girl.....
That sounds like a GREAT end of the school year party! I'm so glad 3rd grade was so great for you guys. Personally, we were glad 3rd grade was over and are hoping for a better situation in 4th. But it's summertime now, so we're not worrying just yet! :)

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