Field Trips

I loved them as a kid and I still love them as a Mom and teacher. This year I've been to the Bronx Zoo, Muscoot Farm and Wright Reis Homestead. I still have an arboretum to go to. :)

This past Friday I went to a local historical place called Wright Reis Homestead. Carolyn Wright Reis is a woman who donated something like 860 acres of land to our town back in the 1800's.

Our town park is called Reis park. It is home to many ball fields and playgrounds and the town library. It is what she wished the land to be used for.

On this trip, we got to visit Mt Zion Methodist church. It was the first Methodist church in Westchester county. We were treated to re-enactments from history and then took part in a scavenger hunt around the cemetery. That was a huge hit with Dylan and his friends. :)

After lunch, we visited Carolyn Wright Reis's house and learned all about life back then. All the tour guides wore period dress. Even the chaperones and students were asked to wear period attire. I wore a prairie skirt and peasant top. Dylan wore work boots, shorts, button down and carried his lunch in a bandana tied to a stick! How FUN!

I got some really fun shots. Too many to post here but, I'll share a few of my faves. :)


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