Cherry Picking

Besides swimming, picking fruit is our favorite summer activity. Today was our first venture out. We went to a new place called Wrights up in Gardiner, NY. It's really close to the Gilded Otter, the brew pub we like up in New Paltz. So, it was perfect. The 92 degrees only made it seem more like summer. I was pretty much in Heaven. :) Now what to make with all those cherries we picked. I'm open to any good recipes you may have. So, please share. :)


Leslie Herbert said…
Hi Mo!!! Dang, your kids are getting so big and cuter all the time!
Those cherries look delicious and I LOVE the pictures that you took.
Good to catch up with you :)
Wow! That looks SO fun! Would you believe that we've NEVER gone to pick fruit?
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos you took at the cherry place! That sounds like a lot of fun!
Jill said…
Oh Ramona, those pictures are incredible!!! All of them!!! It sounds like a perfectly wonderful day! I wanna see a layout with those pictures! btw, you need to be IN FRONT of the camera now and then!
jen said…
Ooo...I had no idea there was cherry picking around here. I love cherries (and the Gilded Otter!). Thanks for the tip, MO!

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