Paper Purse Party

So, yesterday was Natalie's 7th birthday. And, we had 9 of her little friends over to celebrate with some food, music & arts & crafts.

They made paper purses and monogrammed notecards to go inside. They turned out sooo CUTE!

Here's Natty modeling hers. :)


Suzelle said…
What a doll face :)

Those paper purses are CUTE !!!
Sue Thomas said…
Oh my goodness, that purse turned out so cute! Natalie is just adorable!!!!!!!
Rachael said…
So cute!! Love her pose with her purse!
Jennifer said…
Such a fun party idea! She has quite the sense of style. :)
Jill said…
Love the way those paper purses turned out. That was such a great craft idea. Natty should be on QVC!!! That's a priceless little pose she's got going on!! she's sooooo cute!
Deanna L said…
she is absolutely adorable!!! where are the instructions?! lol

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