Natalie is 7 (almost)

Today we celebrated Natalie's 7th birthday with the family. Her actual birthday is Wednesday. We will have her friend party on that day.

The weather was perfect. It was mid 80's and sunny with a breeze every once in a while...just when you needed it. :)

We BBQed and had a couple of subs too. And Aunt Lisa made one of her famous cakes for the festivities. :)

Natty racked up on gifts too. She got tons of adorable outfits. She's all set for summer now. :) She got an Ipod, a Raven Simone cd and a pink Derek Jeter jersey...she thinks he's dreamy. LOL! But, I think the hit present of the day was the digital camera Grandma & Grandpa gave her. She was a picture taking fool as soon as she figured out how to work it. Stew asked my Mom where the $500.00 GC to Ritz was. LOL!!!!


Suzelle said…
How FUN !!!!!!!! That picture of Natty and your Mom...priceless !!!!!!

Love the Ritz comment by Stew..too funny !!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh my GAWD!!!!!!!!!! I love that picture of her with all the laes! How colorful and beautiful is that!!! and your Mom making those kissy lips?!!! Oh my gosh that's a priceless picture!!

I think the camera was a perfect gift and Daddy will just have to accept another Ritz girl in the fam! LOL!!

Happy Sweet 7 to Miss Natty!
Jill said…
Such sweet pictures! Your little girl is growing up(and she's more beautiful each year) Love the Comment from Stew. Not only does that mean more pictures to pick up, but it also means more trips through Macy's to pick up those pictures - LOL!
Jennifer said…
Happy birthday to Natty! Sounds like she scored. And I am so jealous of her pink jersey (of course, I want mine to be Brad Lidge or Lance Berkman). It's sad when your 7 year old gets better presents than you, isn't it? LOL.

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