Self-Portrait Wednesday

a bit early. I just got my hairs cut and I'm super stoked. It had been way too long in between cuts but that's how it goes when your stylist lives in Miami. LOL!!!

The back is super funky layered short. And it gradually gets longer as it comes towards my face.

So, what do ya think?

Pic courtesy of my budding little photog...Natsy Tatsy. :)


Suzelle said…
Oh my is DARLING !!!!!!!!!!!! You are so stinkin' CUTE girl !!!!!!
Susan said…
so CUTE MO!!!IIIIIII LOVE it!!! :)
Love that style, as a matter of fact Im trying to do the same thing. Got the back the right lenght, but growing it out in the front is taking so long.
Anonymous said…
Eeeee! Totally cute on you! Love it! I think it frames your face perfectly. You should be happy, it's a great cut!
Melodee said…
it is sooo cute!! I want to see the back!!!
JENNY B said…
perfect mo! it's adorable-- justlike you!
elizabeth said…
eeeeeeeeeee - we have the same haircut!!

Linda Albrecht said…
So cute!!! Love a fresh haircut. Linda
MO! This is adorable! I so wish I could pull off this style. You look adorable!

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