We're talking baseball....

I love this sport.

We've been in full baseball mode for 3 weeks now and it is so FUN! Dylan has games on Saturday and one night during the week. And Natty has softball on Saturday mornings.

To say that baseball consumes my family is an understatement. If we are not at one the kiddos' games, we are a Mets (ugh!) or Hudson Valley Renegades game, or we are watching it on tv. Thank goodness for the baseball package or we'd have nothing to watch. LOL!

And, my tan from sitting in the bleachers for 4 hours on Saturdays is really coming along nicely. LOL!

During the first game of the season, our town hosted the annual truck and equipment show. What luck. And it is always a hit. The kiddos get to go on all the trucks and pretend like they are driving and operating the trucks. I managed to get some cute pix. :)


Suzelle said…
FUN !!!! Great pics Mo :)

Claire's first year of tee-ball..she was an "Angel".......

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