Mini Books Galore

Last night my friend who is a Stampin' Up! demonstrator hosted a workshop at her house. We decorated SU's new 5x5 chipboard journals. The idea is that they would make perfect end of the year teacher gifts. Well, I love mine so much I'm not sure I want to part with it. LOL! I have an extra chipboard mini book just in case. ;)

And, this morning since softball was cancelled, Natalie got to attend her second scrapbook class at the lss. This time she made a flower mini book. She cannot wait to add pictures of her and her friends in it. :)


Suzelle said…
How CA-UTE !!!!!!! Love the little beads along the bottom !!!

Natty's book is priceless :)
Anonymous said…
wow!! i love these little books! i especially like the little tabs in the first book :-) looks like they were lots of fun to make!
kass said…
which is your LSS Mo?
Oh my gosh! That mini book is SO cute! I don't blame you for not wanting to part with it. I don't think I could either! And look at Natalie scrapping just like her mom! That's very cool! I love her project, too!
Susan said…
those are darling Mo!! Smart of you to get another one to do for yourself. Love the beads.
Natty's adorable :)
DianeT said…
Love the book Mo! Don't blame you for not wanting to part with it!

Natty's becoming quite a scrapper! Watch out mom, you have competition! LOL!!! :)

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