Perfect World

In my perfect world...

there would be no war
there would be no disease
there would be no poverty
everyone would have a place to live and food to eat
I would live where there are palm trees
my daughter would be almost 10 instead of gone
it would rain only at night
the temps would never dip below 60
baseball would be played all year round
the Atlanta Braves would be World Series Champs every year
Al Gore would be our President
I would know how to sew
I would have rock hard abs & big boobs
the word hate would be eliminated from the English language

What would your perfect world be like?


Oscar T. Grouch said…
I would eliminate the word boredom from the language as well. There is always something that needs done.
Kayla said…
haha -- im totally with you on the big boobs part!
Myrnabs said…
You do live in a perfect world!! You have beautiful children!! I guess they take after their mother.
Anonymous said…
In my perfect world, it would be possible to have a perfect world. (((((hugs))))
Anonymous said…
In my perfect world I'd live across the street from you :)

Love you,
Libby said…
I'm with you on everything except the Braves, Mo. ;) I'm *sure* you meant to type Cardinals. LOL! Happy Mother's Day!! *HUGS*

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