Happy 9th Birthday Dylan

Look at this sweet baseball birthday cake that my sister made for him!!!!
She made it using the Betty Crocker cake set we gave her for Christmas!
Gotta love gifts that give back. LOL!!! It was really tasty too. :)

Here are some fun shots of the birthday boy with his sister after she gave him a Lego AquaRaiders set, with his beloved Ipod his grandma & Papa gave him and the Mets jersey "we" gave him. I had no say. If I did, it would have been a Chipper Jones jersey instead. LOL! He also got a Wii from my brother that is sure to keep him in his room til he's about 20. LOL!!!


Suzelle said…
Darling pics Mo !!!! Your kids are SO CUTE :)
Susan said…
that cake is adorable!!!! looks like he had hauled away some GREAT gifts!!! Wow, happy Birthday Dylan!
Anonymous said…
Awe! sweet Natty finally lost a front tooth?! That's just sweet!! Love Dylan's happy birthday pictures, he could not look any happier. and that cake! totally awesome!

Happy Birthday Dylan!
Melodee said…
What a fun party Mo...Happy Birthday Dylan!!!


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