Mother's Day Breakfast & Chicks!

This morning was Natalie's class Mother's Day celebration. We were greeted by our children, given a corsage and escorted to the classroom.

At my table was a placemat made by Natty with a photo of her and a menu. I had to check off what I wanted from the menu and then she served it to me.

Then each child got up and recited a poem they wrote about their Moms. Some of them were a hoot. But we all felt very loved. :)

And, as a bonus I got to see Natty's class chicks that had recently hatched. They are adorable!!!!

What a GREAT day!


Suzelle said…
Oh my gosh.....I want to eat her up she is so CUTE !!!!! What fun !!!! Her earrings are stylin' !!!!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like so much fun!
Kristi Mangan said…
awwwww - that is so sweet!

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