My brother is a total electronics nut. He is solely responsible for Dylan's gaming addiction. LOL! Over the years, he bought Dylan every handheld and game system that he ownns.

So, when Nintendo came out with the Wii, he was all over it. He wanted to get it for him for Christmas. The problem....they were almost impossible to get. He went on wait lists and stood in line, but nothing.

Fastforward to a couple of weeks ago, he's in Best Buy and he overhears the man say they just got in a shipment of Wii's. He was in the right place at the right time and Dylan got a Wii for his birthday.

This has got to be the best game system ever invented by a company. It is truly interactive and gets the kiddos up and moving. When he pitches, he actually makes a throwing motion. He bowls and golfs and it looks like he's actually doing it. It's so much fun just watching him.

On the first night he got it, we asked him if he was ever going to bed and he said...I don't think so. LOL!!!!!


Suzelle said…
How FUN !!!!!!!! What a cool uncle :)

I can barely handle my kids Gameboys...LOL......I am such a electronic dork :)
Susan said…
now thats a great uncle!
Love that it gets the kids up an moving. Sounds like a blast
Anonymous said…
lalalalalalala.....my ears are covered! I'm a sucker for techno toys! I can't resist 'em either! My kids love their Xbox and their Game boys...now they want a Ninetendo DS, I'm sure this will be next!

Have fun with it!
Jennifer said…
How fun is that? I was lucky enough to find one at Christmas time (after standing in a very long line, very early in the morning) and it has been a HUGE hit in our house. By far the best of any video game system I have seen. Of course, I am a fan of the good old fashioned game cube games, myself. Just found the Namco Museum last week with Pac Man and Galaga. My poor kids are going to have to rip that controller out of my death grip if they ever want to play it again. ha ha! Actually, I am not joking.

And happy birthday to Dylan!
Jill said…
Happy Birthday to Dylan!!! We tried to get a Wiii for Pat at Christmastime but couldn't find one. We gave him an iou and he found one just a few days later. It's a pretty cool system isn't it? Mike, Pat and I have gone "bowling" lately. My ball goes sooo slow, and it usually dives into the gutter before it gets to the pins. I think my average is 80!!! I'll have to put on my tennis shoes and try playing that one instead :)

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