Just to clarify some things, we are trying to do this as a family however, my hubby is thee worst offender. He eats out for lunch everyday in Manhattan where it costs like ten buck for a slice of pizza and a drink. He is much more aware on the weekends when I am around to hound him. LOL!

But, since I am really the main money manager in the house, I took this on myself.

In response to April's bread post, I did make my own bread last week and it was delish. Yes, I own an automatic breadmaker. ;) The kiddos devoured it. So, we plan on making a loaf or two a week. This should help cut down costs and be healthier too.

I am trying to eat cleaner these days and eliminate all the processed foods that we put into our bodies. And, I can see and feel the difference already.

On another note, I am experimenting with the all cash theory. I was one to never every carry cash around but that has gotten me into trouble. With credit cards and debit cards you really never know exatly how much you are spending. But if you allot yourself a certan amount of cash to carry around and use, once it is gone it is gone, you can really keep your spending in check. So far so good but we are only 6 days into May. :O

So there you have it.

I'll be back with Wednesday's totals later on today.



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