Some Updates...

Baseball Update

This is the face of a boy whose team is 3-0 and just won their last game 14-0. It was a perfect day for baseball. It was sunny and 69. Dylan walked twice, stole twice, scored a run and flied out. Baseball is going well. :)

Money Saving Update

Since we had back-to-back sporting events, I packed lunch, snacks and drinks for everybody. That avoided numerous expensive trips to the food truck. :)

I had to fill up my car today but this will last me for the entire week if I don't make any unnecessary trips. Total cost: $25.00

We are eating in tonight, shrimp over linguine with hot sauce, garlic bread and salad. I had everything but the hot sauce. So, I headed out to the A&P to pick up hot sauce, fat free milk, which we finished yesterday, orange juice, since we are low and to see what killer sales they had. I ended up getting Post Shredded Wheat for Stew for $2.00 and a couple of boxes of 100 calorie snack packs for $2.00 each to put in the kids' lunch boxes. My total bill came to $16.67. By using my shopper's card I saved $8.97, more than half of my total bill. I think I done good. :)


Total Spent: Gas - $25.00
Groceries - $16.67

Total Saved: $8.97

I hope to have days where I actually spend ZERO! I think I could do it on a weekday no problem. We'll see.

Dinner Update

I had to let you know that the grilled salisbury chicken was Awe-Some! And the rice krispie treats with the jam were perfectly sweet. Go make them both. ;)


Karen said…
Yay Mo!!! I am hoping to have some money-free days too. Tomorrow I go to the grocery store, so I will have to spend there. You're doing great!!!
Suzelle said…
I am proud of you Mo :)
Jill said…
I sure had fun catching up on your blog :) Love your money saving plan. You're doing a great job! I go through spurts where I'm thrifty but need to challenge myself to try an entire month. I bet you'll be amazed at how much you end up saving!
Jill said…
btw, that's a really nice pic of Dylan. They get to that age where they suddenly start looking more and more like a young man...looks like that's happening to Dylan! He's such a handsome boy. Those eyes and that out!

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