Tuesday Totals

I had high hopes for not spending a dime today. They were quickly dashed as soon as my daughter woke up and informed me that she wanted hot lunch today. So there goes $2.50.

Then my hubby tells me we need juice and if we are having pasta tonight he wants bread and salad. And, there went another $11.88.

I did use my shopper's card and reusable bag at the grocery store so I saved $1.05.

Tomorrow is not looking good either because it is horseback riding and I always get Dylan a donut at DD as a treat for him waiting for an hour for his sister at a smelly farm. LOL!!!

Thursday will be the day I spend nada, zip, zero, zilch. I hope. ;)

Tuesday's Totals:
Spent: $14.38
Saved: $1.05

Monthly Totals:
Spent: $139.55
Saved: $16.84


April said…
ok now explain to me how this works-- does your DH have to stifle the spending too?

on another note - have you tried home made bread lately? i made some egg bread for easter and it lasted for sandwiches, grilled cheeses, french toast, toast, casserole, crutons.... and we still had some left over!
April said…
forgot to add- wow bread has just gone up all of a sudden $3 loaf!

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