Money Saving May

Money Saving May

It's May 1st and this month and I have joined Karen's challenge to see how little I can spend...of course things like the mortgage, electric, etc, are a must so I'm not going to count those expenses here. I think I'm a pretty good saver already but I know I could be saving a lot more each month if I tried a little harder. I thought I'd share some of the things that I plan to do to save and maybe you can too.

1. Post my spend less and account for each and every thing I spend.

2. No bookstores. On the weekends, we used to live at the bookstore but now we are going to use our local library exclusively. As a matter of fact, we just made a trip there yesterday after school.

3. Shop sales. Every week the supermarket circulars come in the mail. I go through them and decide which store has the better sales and shop there. I also try and limit the amount of non-sale items I buy. I love seeing the bottom of the bill where it shows the total you saved. One time I saved almost as much as I spent. :)

4. Use coupons. I've been doing this for a few weeks thanks to Karen and I have to agree with Karen, it's kind of fun. I really want to get to a place where I do not buy anything unless it is either on sale or I have a coupon.

5. Use Reusable grocery bags. Stop & Shop pays you 5 cents per bag every time you use one at checkout. A&P pays you 2 cents.

6. Eat more meals at home. We used to eat out at least 3 meals on the weekends and now we are down to one. If we eat lunch out on Saturday, I cook dinner on Saturday night. This will save us at over $100.00, maybe even more. We spend way too much on food.

7. DIY. I'm going to start doing more things myself. I just gave myself a manicure today and it doesn't look half bad.

8. I always take my own coffee and lunch to work and my kiddos hardly eat school lunch. At $2.50 a school lunch, I know I save a ton there.

9. Bring back library books ON TIME! What good is it if they are free when you have to pay a late fee!? This is a big one in our house. So, I implemented a system that I think will help with this. I tape our printout on the fridge so everytime I open it, I am reminded of the due date. Also, we have bags that we use to tote our books back and forth to the library. I will keep them hanging on their doors and when they are done with a book, they are to put it in the bag. In the morning, I'll check the bags and return any books on my way home from work. :)

10. Homemade Gifts. For Mother's Day, I plan on making my sister a beaded bracelet with my supplies on hand so this will cost me nothing. I also plan on making my mother an album. And, I already have a scarf in the works for my sister for Christmas. For end-of-the-year teacher gifts, I will be making card sets from supplies on hand.

I'm sure there are TONS more I could do. As I find more cost-cutting ways, I'll be sure to share them with you. :) I'd love to hear any tips you have too?

May 1

What I spent: $6.33 on heavy cream, raspberry jam and a card at Stop & Shop. I know I could have made the card but I really needed to get the gift out. It was overdue as it is.

$1.07 on a pack of 3 large mailers at the dollar store. I needed something in which to mail the gift.

How I saved:

I used my Stop & Shop card and saved

Made a birthday card for a friend out of scrapbooking supplies and used a postage stamp that was not cancelled on a card sent to me. :)

Spent this month: $7.40


Suzelle said…
Way to go Mo !!!!!!!! This is awesome :)
Patti H said…
I need to do this too Ramona
Karen said…
I'm sure you'll save tons this month, Mo!!!
YAY for you!!!!!!
I would love to join in - but I know I would cave! This is what I will do - no more stopping in the morning for coffee. That will save me $6 a week, plus the mega 2 millions tickets i always buy :) If I don't win - I will blame you!!
April said…
amen sister- here comes summer and gas prices. isn't it amazing how much you spend when you aren't even looking? you should be proud of yourself for just being more conscientious. in fact you should take all the $ you save and spend it on going to a spa in june! LOL!

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