Savings Updates


We went out for dinner at our favorite Chinese buffet and spent $48.37. Not bad for a family of 4. Then Stew bought a cd that he has been wanting at Borders because they were all 50% off. He spent $9.63.

Total for Sunday: $58.00


USPS to mail a gift: $2.19
A&P for bananas and 2 more boxes of Shredded Wheat: $5.91
Girl Scout Leader gift: $10.00

$5.98 at A&P using my shopper's card.
.42 for postage stamp on Mother's Day card. I used one I took off a card I received thatwasn't cancelled.

Totals for Monday:

Spent: $18.10
Saved: $6.40

May Totals to Date:

Spent: $125.17
Saved: $15.79


Karen said…
Wahoo!!!! Way to save, Mo!!! Keep posting..I think I am just as excited to see your savings as you are.
Maegan said…
Go girl! I love saving-but you know that already.

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