Thank you Tracy!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I get my mail today and as I start to complain that the Mail Carrier left it open, I notice a package. Hmmm, I didn't order anything. Stew didn't tell me he was expecting anything. I see it is addressed to me from a new friend, Tracy. I wonder what she sent me? I couldn't open it right away because I was on my way to get Natty at camp. The suspense was killing me. As soon as I walked in the door, I tore it open and look what she sent me...two English riding plates! Thank you so much! How sweet is she to think about me and my daughter!? Too SWEET! :D


Suzelle said…
VERY sweet !!! That Tracy....she's a keeper :)
Tracy said…
Oh Goodie!! I just love getting an unexpected I am glad you were anxious to open it!! :0)
Suzanne said…
Surprise post is the best :)
Karen said…
Oh what a sweet gesture!!!

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