I have never done one of these before but they are fun and addicting. I could get lost on Google images for hours. So, I am going to block it on my computer. ROTFL! Thanks Karen! ;)

My age on my next birthday:
40 Holy Crap! I'm old!

A place I'd like to travel:

My Favorite Place:
The Beach

My Favorite Object:
My bag! I'm a bag ho! ;)

My Favorite Food:
Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

My favorite animal:
Dolphins (aren't they cute!?)

My Favorite Color:

Town where I was born

Town where I live:

Name of Past Pet:
Tasha ( my little schnauzer)

Past Love:

Best Friend's Name:
Denise (Her hair is so pretty)

First Name & Screen Name:
Ramona (Jimmy Choo Ramona Tote a mere $2600)

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Bad Habit:
Shoe Shopping

First Job:
Take Out Counter Girl

Grandmothers' Names:


College major:
Political Science


Ruki said…
that's nice.
did you ever eaten Brazilian food from Minas Gerais? :B
Tracy said…
Love your Bag & shoe obsession!!
BTW, I am really a "Teresa"- no H. too....
You are such a cutie!!!
Anonymous said…
For pete's sakes Ramona! You inspired me... I just spent the last I don't know how long to do this meme!!! LOL!!! Kinda fun! :)
Susan said…
holy heck! loving your choice in bags!
Karen said…
Well, I for one, think that you need to have the Jimmy Choo Ramona bag. :) Thanks for playing!!
e said…
is a dolphin really your favorite animal? seperated at birth, i tell ya.

i even have a damn tattoo of a dolphin - hahaha.
April said…
om that was so fun to see and read. now i want to do this! i love your taste i everything. you are one of those people - people see and say -- "ooh i want what she's getting!" xo
Leslie Herbert said…
Love your lists Mo! so fun to read that! love your bags :)

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