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Looks To Die For

Lacy Fields is the wife of a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, a dedicated mother of three, and an absolutely fabulous decorator to the stars. But when her husband is accused of murdering a young wannabe actress, Lacy finds out she has a killer instinct for hunting down murderers as well as antique furniture. With her best friend Molly Archer, a successful L.A. casting agent, Lacy tracks suspects from a sleazy network TV star to an advertising exec busy shooting Super Bowl commercials set on the moon. Her detecting leads Lacy into some startlingly funny situations, like stumbling onto a George Clooney movie set, clad only in La Perla lace underwear.

It took almost half the book to really get going for me but then I couldn't put it down. And I never guessed who the real killer(s) were. I love that! :)


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