Summer Cut

Since I will be sunning my buns in Florida in a couple of weeks, I decided to go a bit shorter with my hair. We freshened up my highlights too and voila...a new me.

Frontal View ... ;)

The view from behind ... :D


Anonymous said…
hot mama you are with that cut!!!
Suzelle said…
SOOOO cute !!!!!
Jessica said…
wow, that looks amazing!!! i love the back, it's got sooo much character! where are you guys going in florida?
Tracy said…
It looks Fantastic on you!!
Denise Gormish said…
It looks so fresh and cool - in more than one way! Very hot Mo!
Reen said…
Very Posh Spice! Totally cute on you!!
Jill said…
Gosh, it's been awhile since I visited your blog....I feel out of the loop! First off, your hair is adorable. Love the back, and the style suits your purdy face perfectly!!! Secondly, Natty's room looks amazing. LOVE those sheers of hers...and that artwork...I want it in my house! And finally, your recent layouts...such sweet pics and designs. It made me want to dig into my stash (and that's saying a lot these days) How many days until Miami??????
Karen said…
Adorable!!! It's so stylish and classy (just like you!!)

Can't wait to see it in person!!
Anonymous said…
Absolutely adorable Mo!!!! Totally cute, totally fun and it totally suits you.


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