I think Dylan's favorite part of baseball camp is when they have players come and do clinics, answer questions and sign autographs. This year Darryl Rasner of the NY Yankees and Ryan Church of the NY Mets came to camp.

Darryl Rasner showed Dylan how to throw all different types of pitches and he came home to demonstrate to me exactly how to throw a curveball which just happens to be Darryl Rasner's favorite pitch. ;)

I was sure to get photos of my very excited little man with his wares.

Here is Dyl showing off his Darryl Rasner signed baseball which my sister says is worth $70.00. She checked on Simon SPorts. LOL!

Ok. Off to take pix of him with his Ryan Church ball and hat. TTFN!


e said…
this is so cute! (except for that awful Mets shirt hahahahaha).

how cool for Dylan to be able to meet these guys and learn from them.
Leslie Herbert said…
That is so cool that Dylan gets to meet and learn from those guys! what a cool mom you are Mo!
Karen said…
How cool is Dylan???? I bet he is having the time of his life.

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