2 New Layouts

I went back to 8-1/2x11. The 12x12 thing was killing me! :O Who cares if it takes me 20 years to scrapbook their childhood. I'll be retired by then and have nothing else to do with my time, right? LOL! ;) Oh, and I plan on re-doing Natty's horseback riding lesson layout. Just need to replenish my undo supply. I don't know what I would do without that stuff.


Reen said…
Gorgeous! The 8.5x11 is just so you! These are perfection!!
Suzelle said…
These are FABULOUS my dear !!!!!!
Karen said…
Perfection! It's always a treat seeing your layouts, Mo!!!
Susan said…
this size just works for you. adorable layouts mo :)

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