Friday Five

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read each of these words and why?

1. ice - cold because ice makes my drinks cold
2. primary - first as in the primary, first and foremost, reason for doing something
3. dirty - messy - does this really need an explanation?
4. green - envy - green with envy...get it?
5. fly - high - I love airplanes. They take you high up in the sky to beautiful places...;)

Now, it's your turn. You can do it. These are easy....;)


Reen said…
1. ice - crunchy ice
2. primary - first as in the primary, - basic colors
3. dirty - little boys with muddy faces
4. green - money, selfish, also to save/recycle
5. fly - your butt to Cali! or my buns to NY :)
Suzelle said…
1. ice - cold
2. primary - first as in the primary, - new crayons
3. dirty - stinky boys :)
4. green - recycle/help save the planet
5. fly - flying takes us to Hawaii :)
Suzanne said…
1. ice - diamonds
2. primary - colors
3. dirty - my house (sort of kidding :)
4. green - remembering when it was only a color! - off to somewhere warm!
This was fun. THanks!
April said…
1. ice - ice tea~ raspberry ~ refreshing

2. primary - primaries~ sick of politics

3. dirty - Harry- "go ahead, make my day"

4. green - yellow+blue = green (i've been painting a mural today and mixing colors to get different shades).

5. fly - "when donkey's fly" as in that's when i'm going to get around to finishing all the projects i have going!

this was fun mo- i feel like i sat down and had tea for 5 minutes with you! xo
Karen said…
1. ice - cold
2. primary - colors
3. dirty - clothes...I must have laundry on my mind.
4. green - favorite color
5. fly - how I love to travel.

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