Norwalk Maritime Center

Friday after school, Natty's girl scout troop and several other troops from our town descended on the Norwalk Maritime Center for a sleepover. I had to buy a sleeping bag for the event since I'm not a camper or anything remotely close to one. ;)

We got there at 6 pm and set up our gear with the otters which was where we were sleeping. Then they had some games for the girls to play. After the games were done, it was time for dinner which was pizza and salad and fruit and all sorts of beverages.

After dinner, began our tour of the aquarium. Our tour guide was Bruce and boy did we luck out. He was awesome! So good that he ran way over and we almost missed snack and craft. LOL!

In the morning, we were treated to a special seal feeding and an IMAX movie followed by a trip to the gift shop where Natty got a stuffed seal and a stingray mood necklace. :)

I barely slept so I'll be paying for it for days to come but it was most definitely worth it. If you ever have an opportunity to do something like this, do it!

I took a ton of photos. Here is just a sampling. Enjoy! :)

We were the first ones to arrive. We were so excited.

At the stingray tank. They let them pet them. As you can see, Natty practically dove into the tank. See the ends of her pink sweatshirt? They were soaking wet. :O But at least she had fun. :)

Aren't these pretty? I thought so that is why I took a photo. I don't remember the name of this type of fish. I'll have to look it up.

They had a cute little craft for the girls to create...a crab pin. :) Here is Natty with her friend Lizzie ready to get down to the business of crafting. :)

Natty and Christina at the shark tank. We got a cool behind the scenes tour after dinner. We went behind the shark tank and in the fish kitchen to see all the fish they feed to the other members of the aquarium. It was mostly herring and shrimp.

In front of a turtle cut out. I love these corny photo ops. LOL!


Jennifer said…
OMG, That looks like such a fun time. I suppose that if I were to ever have to camp (aka sleep in a sleeping bag) this would be my kind of event. The girls look like they had a blast.
Karen said…
Wha a fun time!!! I wanna do that. :)
Samantha said…
Yeah I think I could camp like that - sounds like a fun night!
Yankee said…
Is that a lionfish?
That looks like so much fun. You must have been exhausted the next day.
Suzelle said…
Oh man...this is COOL !!!!!!! I wish we had something close to us like this for me to take my troup too !!! Great pics Mo :)
Tracy said…
Mo! What a wonderful trip...the camping thing would be a huge turn off to me too! But it looks like it was a labor of love, since the girls are smiling from ear to ear...glad you had this chance to make such a memory with Natty!
Patti H said…
looks like a fun time. love how she has her arms up to her elbows what LOL
Denise Gormish said…
Looks like a great time! What a great event for the girls.
Sue Thomas said…
Oh how fun!!!!
LesleMora said…
That looks like a fabulous time!
Leslie Herbert said…
What a fun time Mo! Natty looks like she is having a blast!
Cheryl said…
How fun Mo!!! Love the stingrays!
Jill said…
what a great adventure. My fav photo is Natty with the turtle cut-out!!! She has the cutest little smile! Great photos!
Maegan said…
I love them too. Disney if FULL of them! It even has them listed on the map!

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