Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday ALL!

A few friends of mine are posting Home Improvement Weeks on their blogs. And while I was perusing them, I noticed they had these really great iron wall plaques. I thought oh those are perfect for my family room which is in dire need of accessories. So, off to Homegoods I went. Well, I came up empty in the wall art department but got some fun pink items that are perfect for Pink Saturday. :)

A couple of weeks ago, I cleaned out my linen closet and I noticed that my makeup bag was looking a little tired. I wanted something fun and tropical. And look what I found!? Isn't it awesome!? Now while I am putting on my makeup in the cold harsh winter here in NY I can dream I am on an island somewhere. LOL!

Even tho I have a dishwasher and use it daily, there are still some things that need hand washing or just don't fit in the machine. So, while I was browing the aisles of Homegoods these pretty bright gloves caught my eye. Maybe they will help keep hands and manicure looking pretty. :)

And, as we booked our Florida trip this morning I could not pass up posting this photo my kiddos in their sombreros (notice the bright pink one on Natty) in Mexico from Epcot. :D


Yankee said…
You crack me up. I want a picture of you in the gloves.
Cute gloves & even cuter kids! Happy PInk Saturday!
KatCollects said…
I so wish we had a homegoods here, great pictures. Happy Pink Saturday.
The Muse said…
Ola! LOL well yes the children's pic wins! LOL
but the gloves are in a close 2nd!
Joy said…
Loving the makeup bag and the gloves!!
Beverly said…
Happy Pink Saturday, Ramona.

I love your Home Goods finds. I don't think I have ever come out of one of their stores empty-handed. ;-)
Reen said…
you know that bag matches Leah perfectly! I bet you planned it that way huh? Love you!
Karen said…
Happy Pink Saturday! I'm lame, I haven't done it for the last two weeks. I love those gloves and the picture of your dos amigos. :)
Dawn said…
Cute kids.
Happy belated ps
Cheryl said…
CUUUUTE! those gloves are adorable (as are the kiddos!)
g said…
That's a pretty makeup bag!

Happy Pink Saturday!

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