Feeding the Seals

For me, the highlight of the trip to the Norwalk Maritime Center was most definitely feeding the seals. On the morning of our departure, the aquarium staff set up a special feeding at 8:30 am. The seals were absolutely adorable. They waved and flapped their fins. They swam and flipped over. And they were rewarded with this extra feeding.

The maritime center has 5 seals and they are all harbor seals. The oldest one is named Susie and she can only see shadows because she has cataracts. Poor thing. :(

I learned that seals are voluntary breathers which means they have to think about breathing. So, Susie canot get an operation to fix her cataracts beacuse if she is under anesthesia then she will not remember that she has to breathe and then she will die. :(

Who knows? Maybe one day one of the girls there will come up with a new drug that will allow for seals and dolphins to be operated on without going under. :)

Enjoy the photos. :)


Jennifer said…
That is sad about Susie. But I bet she loved having all of the girls visit. the seals are my favorite, too. :)
Karen said…
Poor Susie. :( I think seals are pretty cool, too. :)
Samantha said…
Wow I did not know that about seals - learned something new today.
Yankee said…
Poor Susie. I did not know that about seals.
Tracy said…
Awe, sweet Susie!

Mo, I know that's not you in the seal home, feeding them...but for a second I thought it was...hee hee!)
LesleMora said…
I never knew that about seals. That is too bad Susie can't see more clearly.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for making me smile Mo. I can so picture you buying a sleeping bag because you're a good momma, but grumbling under your breath because that $$ could have gone for a new handbag or cute shoes. Glad it turned out to be a good experience!

Cheryl said…
Poor Susie - the Vancouver Aquarium has an otter that is obsessive compulsive (or something)....

that seals are sooo cute :)

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